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About Dental Tourism

What is dental tourism?

Dental Tourism is the process of travelling to another coutry to receive cheaper dental treatment. It is part of the wider Medical Tourism movement.

What makes Dentaly Go different to other dental tourism websites?

Many other dental tourism website list dozens of clinics in each location, and leave it up to you to decide which one to use. This can be a difficult decision when you have limited information to go by!

At Dentaly Go, we want to make this choice easier by recommending only a few of the very best clinics in each location. We’ll listen to your requirements and preferences first, and then let you know which clinic(s) would suit you best.

What is the best country for dental treatment abroad?

There are many countries that rival the UK for quality of care, while being much more affordable. Turkey and Hungary are two of the most popular countries for Brits to travel to for dental work.

The best destination for you will depend on a number of factors: Which type of treatment do you need? Do you wish to have a holiday there? Fill in our contact form and one of our Patient Coordinators will be in touch to understand more about your needs and help you find a suitable clinic.

How much can I save by getting dental treatment abroad?

By travelling abroad for dental work, our patients typically save 50-70% compared to prices quoted in the UK. The amount you save will depend on the country you travel to and the type of dental work you need, but it’s free to request a quotation with no obligation.

You should still factor in the cost of flights, accommodation, insurance and time off work. However, most people find that they can still save a lot of money with dental tourism.

Why is dental treatment cheaper in other countries?

There are a number of reasons why certain countries can offer top-quality care at much lower prices than in the UK. When the cost of living is lower, it means that almost all aspects of running a business – property, overheads, staff, education – are also lower.

Some dental clinics may try to lower costs by cutting corners with inferiror materials or equipment. However, we only recommend clinics that have been through rigorous, ongoing quality checks.

Where can I get the cheapest dental implants?

First of all, be aware that the cheapest dental implants are not necessarily the best. The materials and processes used to make implants are expensive, and the quality is reflected in the price.

That said, you’ll find that dental implants are cheapest in countries with a lower GDP and cost of living.

Do I need special insurance to travel?

It is unlikely that your regular travel insurance policy will cover you for anything associated with elective dental treatment abroad.

Getting specialist medical tourism insurance is optional, but it may give you extra peace of mind. We currently partner with Medical Travel Shield, a specialist in the industry of medical tourism insurance. You can find out more about their services here.

Getting a quote

How quickly can I receive treatment?

Once you have submitted your request and sent an up-to-date x-ray, It usually takes 1-3 days to provide a quotation and treatment plan, depending on the complexity of your treatment.

If you are already in the destination country and you want to check for good dentists nearby, please mention this when you contact us.

Do I have to provide an x-ray?

A panoramic dental x-ray helps clinics assess your case and plan your treatment accurately, especially if you need dental implants.

Without an x-ray, they may still be able to give a cost estimate, but a final quotation will not be given until you have visited the clinic for an assessment.

What if I don’t have a dental x-ray?

We understand that it can be difficult to get an dental x-ray from your UK dentist. You can ask your current dentist for a copy of your medical records, which may include a recent x-ray.

If not, then you can visit a private dentist and request a panoramic x-ray. Dentists usually charge between £20 and £80 for this service.

How many clinics will you refer me to?

We will refer you to between one and three clinics that we believe will be a good match for you, according to your criteria.

What if I change my mind about getting dental treatment overseas?

It’s entirely your choice whether you proceed with the treatment after receiving a quotation. There is no cost or obligation involved when you submit your details to us.

If you sign an agreement with a particular clinic and later decide to cancel, you should check with them about their cancellation policy.

About the clinics we recommend

What accreditations do the clinics hold?

We only work with clinics that we can guarantee have gone over and above to provide our patients with the best care. They are all accredited by the Ministry of Health within their country and hold either ISO or TEMOS certifications. You can read more about our selection criteria here.

Do the clinics speak English?

Yes, we only work with clinics with staff who are fluent in English so you never have to worry about being misheard or misunderstood.

How do I pay for my treatment?

Our partner clinics accept card payments, bank transfers and cash payments. Some clinics offer a discount if paying for your treatment in cash. If using a card, please bear in mind you may be charged additional fees by your bank in the UK for using your card abroad. Please discuss payment details with your chosen clinic.

Is my treatment covered by a guarantee?

Yes, all of the clinics that we work with have a guarantee policy in place. Terms differ for each treatment and clinic, so please ask your chosen clinic for their terms & conditions.

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us with your enquiry.

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