If you’re looking for affordable dental work as well as a great vacation, consider visiting a dentist in Poland.

The country has everything you could need and more. In addition to its beautiful cities and countryside, Poland is a great dental tourism destination with many dental care specialists available at all times of the day—even on weekends.

Why visit a dentist in Poland?

But, if you’re not quite sure, and want to learn more before you commit to getting dental work abroad this article will answer the following questions:

  • Why get dental treatment in Poland?
  • What is the cost of dental work in Poland?
  • Why are Poland dentist prices cheaper?
  • How do you find a reputable dentist?
  • What are Polish dentist reviews like?

Getting dental work abroad can be quite daunting, and there is a lot of research needed before you commit and book your trip. However, if it all sounds a bit too much, don’t worry, Dentaly Go can help.

Just fill out our form with your dental needs, and you will receive 3 free quotes from dentists and clinics that we work with. Or, keep reading to learn more about getting dental treatment in Poland, and what you can expect!

💡 Read on to see how the cost of dental care in Poland compares to the UK

Why visit a dentist in Poland?

Poland is one of the best countries for dental care. It has a good reputation for affordable, accessible, and high-quality dental care. With so many reasons to visit a Poland dentist, it’s time to find out more about this country’s dentistry industry.


Our patients typically save 50-70% on UK dental prices!

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What are Poland dentist prices?

If you’re looking to save money on treatments such as crowns, veneers, and dental implants, then looking at Poland as a possible location for your next dental visit is a great idea.

Poland dentist prices can be cheaper than in the UK. While prices will vary depending on where you live, the national average costs are around 50-75% less than what you would pay in the UK. For example, a porcelain crown would typically cost around £250-300 in the UK but only £125-150 in Poland.

Warsaw and Krakow are both easily accessible by plane from most major European cities and with travel time being around 4 hours each way, it’s very manageable to fly over for an appointment.

Dental prices in PolandDental prices in the UK
ConsultationOften free£50 – £170
Single tooth implant£550£2,000
Porcelain veneer£275£600
Full mouth implants£4,000 – £9,000£7,000 – £28,000
AccommodationFrom £25 per nightN/A
All prices are indicative.

Why is dental care cheaper in Poland?

With the cost of living continuing to rise, many Brits are finding that dental care in Poland is much cheaper than at home.

Polish dentists are known for being affordable, and there are several reasons why that’s true.

First, the cost of living in Poland is significantly lower than in other European countries. This means that the fees charged by Polish dentists are lower as well.

Second, because of fewer overheads, dentists can afford to charge less for their services. They don’t have to pay as much for equipment or rent, which means that they’re able to pass those savings on to their patients.

Dental education and regulation in Poland

Poland has a long history of dental care, with evidence of dentistry dating back to Roman times. While the country has undergone many changes over the years Poland’s dental education system remains one of the most robust in Europe.

The Polish Dental Council (Polish: Polskie Towarzystwo Stomatologiczne), which was established in 1910, sets out high standards for dental care quality nationwide.

dental treatment poland prices
Dentists that are ISO9001 and TEMOS certified have high-quality standards of care

It regulates how dentists can practice their profession; monitors their performance, and helps ensure that they’re up-to-date with new developments in their field through continuing education programs.

Dentists in Poland must be registered with the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists. Every five years dentists must demonstrate to the Chamber that they have maintained the latest knowledge and skills. This is compulsory for their license to be renewed.

In addition, many dentists choose to become ISO9001 and TEMOS certified in order to provide their patients with the highest quality care possible.

Dental care quality in Poland

The country’s dentists are highly trained and well-qualified, and they take pride in their work. They are also very friendly, so if you’re nervous about going to the dentist, don’t worry!

Polish dentists are highly respected within their communities as well as nationally – this makes them very motivated to provide you with excellent care every time you visit!

How do you find a reputable dentist?

Finding a reputable dentist abroad is not easy. There are many factors to consider, including costs and treatment options.

First, you’ll need to find a good dentist. You can start by asking friends, family, or co-workers who have visited Poland before and had dental work done there. Chances are they will be able to recommend someone who did an excellent job and offered great service at a reasonable price.

If you don’t know anyone who has visited Poland before, then you can check online for unbiased opinions about dentists in different cities around the world.

There are many websites with reviews for different dental practices all over the world, including in Poland. But be careful! Not all of these sites show unbiased reviews—some might be paid advertisements from dentists themselves!

If you want to see examples of previous work, ask the dentist if they have before-and-after pictures of their patients’ procedures or even videos if possible!

The easiest way to find a reputable dentist in Poland is to let us help! Just fill out the form and we’ll get you 3 free quotes from the dentists in Poland that best suit your needs.

We’ve thoroughly vetted all the dental clinics in Poland that we recommend to ensure they meet our high standards. Each clinic has ISO9001 certification and is TEMOS certified, meaning you can be confident that you’ll receive excellent care!

Popular dental treatments in Poland

Cosmetic dental treatments are popular in Poland and unlike in many other countries, patients do not have to wait long before they can get work done on their teeth.

cheap dental crowns abroad

Dental Crowns Abroad

dental implants abroad

Dental Implants Abroad

Teeth Whitening Abroad

There are many dentists who offer cosmetic dentistry in Poland such as veneers and crowns as well as other procedures such as root canal therapy and orthodontics. Some of the most popular treatments that people get in Poland include the following:

cosmetic dentistry prices in poland
Get your teeth professionally whitened while you’re on holiday in Poland
  • Teeth whitening: Polish dentists can offer a range of teeth-whitening methods that range from in-office procedures to custom trays and home kits.
  • Dental implants: Implants are small titanium screws placed into your jawbone where missing teeth used to be; they attach artificial teeth (dentures) directly onto them. Since they’re implanted into your skull and not secured by gum tissue, they can provide a more stable fit than removable dentures while also making eating easier due to their immutability.
  • Porcelain veneers: This common cosmetic procedure involves thin layers of porcelain being applied over your natural tooth enamel for an instantly whiter smile (but does involve some drilling).
  • Dental crowns: Crowns are caps made from a composite resin material that covers damaged areas on your teeth so that they look whole again after having been broken or chipped during accidents or everyday wear-and-tear over time—they’re also very useful in preventing future damage if done correctly!

What else can you do in Poland?

If you want a dental holiday in Poland, the country has a lot to offer, including beautiful scenery, charming cities and towns, and rich history. Depending on which area you travel to there is a range of different activities. If you’re booking a dental holiday package to Poland consider which activities you may like to do in between treatments.

There are lots of things to do for people of all ages and interests. Poland is a great place for families, students, and solo travelers. There are plenty of activities available from sightseeing to adventure sports like hiking, cycling, and skiing

dental bridge cost poland

Visiting Poland can be an exciting way to experience the country’s unique culture, history, and beauty. If you’re considering visiting Poland for your dental care needs, there are a few different options of places to go.


Warsaw is one of Europe’s most famous cities with its impressive skyline, iconic street art, and architecture that dates back centuries ago during World War II when it was occupied by Nazi Germany. The city has many museums including National Museum which houses over 300 thousand objects relating mainly to Polish art but also European paintings from the 16th century onwards in addition to ethnographic collections.


Kraków (Cracow) offers tourists many interesting sights such as Wawel Castle where kings resided during their reigns until the Jagiellonian dynasty moved its royal seat southward towards Cracow Cathedral – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978 thanks largely due to its magnificent interior decorated by world-famous artists like Veit Stoss et al.


cost of dental treatment in poland
Poland is well known for its high-quality care and skilled dentists

Gdansk has become synonymous with the Solidarity movement which began on August 1980 in this port city located 1-hour drive from Warsaw airport so tourists often combine these two destinations together into the same trip if possible.


We hope this article has helped you to make an informed decision about visiting a dentist in Poland. The country is known for its high-quality care and affordable prices, so if you’re looking for affordable dental treatment or just want to travel somewhere new – why not visit Poland?


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