Are you considering getting dental implants in Turkey? Dental implants are the most favourable treatment options for replacing missing teeth. When considering dental implants, Turkey is an excellent option given the cheap prices of dental treatment compared to the UK.

💡 Read on to see how the cost of dental care in Turkey compares to the UK.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a screw which is made of titanium to replace the root of a tooth. In dentistry, dental implants can be used to replace single teeth or multiple teeth.

Dental implants have three components: a titanium implant thread screwed into the jawbone, the abutment, which is a titanium extension post attached to the implant, and the dental crown, a new and permanent prosthetic tooth which is colour matched to your natural teeth.

When a tooth has been lost or removed, a metal dental implant is placed into the jawbone as an artificial tooth root. Made of titanium, and compatible with human tissues, dental implants have become a common form of dental treatment in recent years.

Over time they also promote the regeneration of bone when implanted into the jaw, which helps to create a firm and stable anchor for the prosthetic crown attached to the implant.


Our patients typically save 50-70% on UK dental prices!

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What are the advantages of teeth implants?

  • Teeth implants blend perfectly with the colour of your natural teeth
  • Many dental clinics in Turkey offer guarantees on their implants
  • Unlike dentures, speech and chewing function is unimpaired
  • There is no risk of decay
  • Compared with a dental bridge, implants are easy to clean, and therefore more hygienic
  • Treatment is performed without disturbing the healthy teeth on either side
  • Complete tooth loss in the lower jaw can promote bone loss; dental implants help prevent this degradation
  • Dentures fitted to the upper jaw are uncomfortable and liable to slip, whereas implanted teeth are as stable as your natural teeth
  • Dental implants do not cause nausea, and do not interrupt the ability to taste
  • Teeth implants appear the same as normal teeth with no evidence of attachments such as the hooks used in dentures

Is getting a dental implant painful?

First of all, there is a common misconception about dental implant procedures and people think that implant placements can be painful. However, dental implants are less painful than extracting a tooth. Dental implant procedures in Turkey are performed under local anaesthetic. Furthermore, depending on bone quality, a single implant placement procedure can take as little as 20 minutes! 

How long does a dental implant last?

It’s completely possible for a healthy and well maintained implant to stay in your jawbone for a lifetime. However, there are many factors affecting the prognosis of a dental implant. For example; oral hygiene, jaw bone quality, systemic diseases, alcohol and smoking etc.

In addition to bone diseases, diabetes and some medicines may have a negative impact on implant prognosis. After investigating your medical & social history and after analysing your x-ray, your dentist will decide if your jaw is compatible for the dental implant procedure. Different clinics give different periods of guarantee for their dental implant procedures.

How many dental implants can a dentist in Turkey place in one session?

There is no strict rule for the maximum number of dental implant placements in one session. However, if there is the need for a large number of dental implant placements, dentists might chose to spread the procedure over two or more sessions for the sake of the patient’s comfort.

Medical conditions can also affect the amount of sessions. If you require a full mouth of teeth implants, you may want to consider an All-on-4 option.

How long do teeth implants take in Turkey?

Depending on the type of implants you’re getting and any preparatory treatments you need (such as extractions, a bone graft or a sinus lift), you’ll need to make two or three visits for your implants. Each of these will probably require a stay of several days or a week. Your dentist will explain more about your treatment plan according to your individual needs.

For slightly quicker treatment you might opt for All-on-4 full mouth implants. These require fewer implant rods in the jaw than traditional types, which makes them a cheaper option. They’re not right for everyone though, so research this treatment carefully before going ahead with All-on-4 dental implants in Turkey.

How do I care for my teeth implants?

First of all, maintaining oral hygiene after implant treatment is just as important as thorough treatment planning and competent surgery. As with natural teeth, if patients neglect oral hygiene after implant treatment, gum disease may occur around the implants. Neglecting oral hygiene may even lead to loss of implants.

For this reason, you can always ask your dentist in Turkey to give you concise information about implant aftercare.

Why get dental implants in Turkey?

Price of teeth implants in Turkey

The main reason to travel for dental treatment in Turkey is the price. Patients find that if they travel to Turkey, costs are lower, meaning a saving of 50-70% on UK dental prices. Of course, the more extensive and costly the treatment, the more you stand to save. That’s why teeth implants in Turkey (including All-on-4) and veneers are particularly popular.

Dental implant treatments in Turkey are much cheaper than in the UK. There are various reasons behind this. First of all, dental implants are very popular and in high demand in Turkey. Instead of having temporary and uncomfortable denture solutions for missing teeth, people opt for dental implants supported fixed prosthetics which can be expected to last for many years. Because of this demand, dentists buy dental implants in bulk at cheaper prices. Therefore, dental implant costs in Turkey are cheaper than many other countries.

Another reason for this is the low legal costs. Dental Indemnity insurance in Turkey is much cheaper than in Europe and the UK. The reflection of these low legal costs is clearly visible when looking at the fees for dental implants in Turkey.

Overall, dentists in Turkey have more than a 96% success rate on dental implant procedures in their 5-year follow-up. Considering the experience of dentists and the quality of work, dental implants priced between £400 and £900 can save you a small fortune.

On average, a dental implant treatment plan priced at £30,000 in the UK can be completed for as low as £7,500 including travel expenses. It will not be wrong to expect a 60% to 75% cheaper quotation from dental clinics in Turkey.

Is the price of dental implants in Turkey standardised?

The simple answer is no, the price is not standardised. In Turkey, dental implant treatment is available in almost every dental clinic. However, each of these dental clinics in Turkey has different prices. The main factors influencing the cost of a dental implant in Turkey are:

  • Experience of the dentist
  • Brand of the dental implant
  • Reputation of the clinic

Are cheap dental implants in Turkey safe?

All dental implants, regardless of their brand, are produced from titanium. However, there is big price difference between different brands. The more reputable and experienced dental implant manufacturers use different technology on implant surfaces that enhance the fusion between the dental implant and the jawbone. Hence, their prices are higher than others.

There are many dental clinics in Turkey that offer affordable dental implants. These implants originate from various countries, including local Turkish implant brands. The reason for the low cost of these brands is the competition between manufacturers. Mostly, these new brands produce high-quality dental implants from titanium, and, in order to be the most favoured by dentists in Turkey, they keep their prices as low as possible.

Finding a reputable dentist in Turkey

All our dental clinics are TEMOS accredited

When you’re looking for a dentist in Turkey it’s important to consider accreditation, affordability, and safety. With Dentaly Go, you can rest assured that you’ll find a reputable and trusted dentist.

Dentaly Go is committed to providing our customers with guaranteed safe and quality treatment. We ensure that every practice on our platform is ISO9001 and TEMOS certified, meaning they meet strict quality standards and have been thoroughly vetted by our team.

Cost of dental treatment in Turkey

In the table below are some approximate costs for dental treatment in Turkey versus the UK:

Turkey dental pricesUK private dental prices
Consultation feeOften free£50 – £170
Single tooth implant + crown£600 – £1,200£2,000 – £2,900
Ceramic crown£175 – £350£400 – £1,000
Porcelain veneer£175 – £300£400 – £1,000
Laser teeth whitening£135 – £300£500 – £1,500
All-on-4 (per jaw)£3,000 – £5,000£5,000 – £14,000
Return flightsFrom £150N/A
AccommodationFrom £25N/A
Insurance not included. All prices are indicative and subject to exchange rates.

Are there waiting lists for dentists in Turkey?

No, in general you’ll find that waiting times are next to none. You should be able to schedule an appointment very quickly with your chosen dentist in Turkey – helpful if you need urgent dental care.

What are the standards, qualifications and regulations for dentists in Turkey?

The growth of dental tourism in Turkey is not just down to price; the industry also relies on its dentists maintaining high standards to ensure a good reputation. Over half a million tourists visit the country each year for medical treatment including dental work and cosmetic surgery.

Dentists in Turkey are experienced in teeth implants. Most of the general practitioner dentists perform implant surgeries regularly with a high success rate. Also, dental implant manufacturers are in a big competition in Turkey and they take dentists to courses, symposiums and live surgery presentations to encourage them use their brand. As a result of this, dentists in Turkey have gained a lot of experience in the dental implant field.

Dentists in Turkey must train for five years at one of the country’s 15 schools of dentistry. After obtaining their DDS degree they may specialise with a further five years’ education in the fields of orthodontics or prosthodontics.

Look out for the TDB logo

Dental education and legislation are regulated by the Ministry of Health (Sağlık Bakanlığı). Dentists practising in Turkey must have a qualification recognised by this body.

TDB Logo

They must also register with the Turkish Dental Association (TDB), an organisation that monitors dental practices and helps develop the profession through continuing education. Currently, over 26,000 dentists in Turkey hold this membership.

Dentists performing any kind of cosmetic dentistry may also become members of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (EDAD). This is optional, but it shows a dentist is committed to staying up-to-date with advancements and changes in the field through continued education. If you want to get veneers in Turkey, you may prefer to use an EDAD member dentist.

Although the majority of dental clinics in Turkey maintain high standards, there are unfortunately some dentists who are trying to make a profit without having the correct qualifications or equipment. That’s why it’s very important to do your own research and read reviews before visiting a dental centre in Turkey – just as you should with any location!

Locations for dental care in Turkey

When searching online for places to stay in Turkey, there are a plethora of options, from the country’s largest city, Istanbul, through to resort-laden Antalya on the coast of the Mediterranean, and the popular beach town of Marmaris. 

Turkey is unique in that it has strong influences from both the west and the east. It has a patchwork of shared history with the ancient Roman, Greek, Persian, Ottoman and Byzantine empires. 

Whether you are planning to explore a city, immerse yourself in culture, chill out in a hammock, or adventure beneath the sea, there’s no shortage of holiday options in Turkey to suit all tastes.

Top Destinations

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Popular Treatments


Istanbul is a true melting pot of cultures, where the East meets the West. There’s endless sightseeing to do and it’s also where you’ll find some of the most reputable dentists in Turkey. If you decide to get dental treatment in Istanbul you’ll have multiple clinics to choose from. Therefore if you need extensive work or highly specific treatment, Istanbul could be the best destination in Turkey to meet your needs.

Aside from having dental treatment, you’ll be able to explore Istanbul’s myriad restaurants, bars, shops and hookah lounges which are rich with the aromas of kebabs, coffee, spices and the sweet scent of shisha pipes. 

Istanbul is a large city, so it’s recommended to book a hotel that’s close (within walking distance) to your dental clinic. 


Antalya is a Turkish resort city with a yacht-filled Old Harbour and beaches flanked by large hotels. It’s a gateway to Turkey’s southern Mediterranean region, known as the Turquoise Coast for its blue waters. Remnants remain from Antalya’s time as a major Roman port. These include Hadrian’s Gate, built to honour the Roman emperor’s visit in 130 A.D, and 2nd-century Hidirlik Tower, with harbour views.

As a popular tourist destination, you’ll find that most dentists in Antalya are proficient in English. The majority of the dental centres in Antalya are located along the coast, close to the hotels and resorts. There are a number of cheaper dental clinics in Antalya that are closer to the centre of the city but they are generally not so used to treating tourists. 


Marmaris is a Mediterranean resort town along the Turkish Riviera (also known as the Turquoise Coast) with a busy, pebbly beach and long seafront promenade. It’s known for its lively nightlife on Bar Street, which is home to open-air clubs and music venues. Marmaris sits in a valley between pine-forested mountains and clear waters, which are popular sailing and diving destinations. 

Similar to Antalya, dentists in Marmaris are familiar with treating tourists and have proficient English, particularly those who have dental clinics in Marmaris which are located close to the hotels and seafront.


Izmir is a city on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Known as Smyrna in antiquity, it was founded by the Greeks, taken over by the Romans and rebuilt by Alexander the Great before becoming part of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. Today, its expansive archaeological sites include the Roman Agora of Smyrna, now an open-air museum.

The hilltop Kadifekale, or Velvet Castle, built during Alexander’s reign, overlooks the city. If you are hoping to absorb some of Turkey’s rich culture during your dental holiday then Izmir could be the right place for you!

Other dental locations in Turkey

If you want your dental holiday to involve soaking up the Turkish sun you might want to visit a dental clinic in Side, Kusadasi, or Fethiye, all of which are popular options located along the coast. These are all locations that offer considerably cheaper dental treatments than you will find in the UK.


Our patients typically save 50-70% on UK dental prices!

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How to book a dentist in Turkey

The best dental centre in Turkey for you will depend on the work you need to have done and what kind of holiday, if any, you want to have while you are there.

If you are seeking a specialist treatment or procedure, then you should look for a specialist dentist in that specific field. 

If you require multiple treatments that require multiple specialists, you may want to consider getting treatment from one of the larger dental clinics that employ several dentists in different fields. 

Below is a list of additional considerations to take into account before getting your teeth done in Turkey:

  • Is the dentist you have chosen a member of the Turkish Dental Association (TDB)? This is mandatory for all dentists practising in Turkey.
  • Registration with the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (EDAD) is a plus point if you are considering cosmetic dentistry in Turkey.
  • How experienced is your dentist in the procedure you need? Are there online reviews available?
  • Is English going to be an issue? Ask to speak directly with the dentist prior to booking so you have a solid idea of their language ability.
  • Is the dental work guaranteed?
  • Does the clinic provide extra services such as airport transfers or accommodation as part of your package?

Never feel uncomfortable about asking questions. You want to be sure that you are booking the right dentist for your needs and you need to be comfortable in your decision!


How much are dental implants in Turkey?

A single tooth implant and crown is approximately £600 – £1,200 and a ceramic crown is around £175 – £350.

Is it worth getting dental implants in Turkey?

Turkey is seen as one of the best places to get high-quality affordable dental work. If you need dental implants or other major dental work, Turkey is definitely a great location to visit.

Why do people go to Turkey for teeth implants?

Dental implants in Turkey are quite cheap compared to other countries and the country has highly qualified dentists that typically have lower dental indemnity insurance costs compared to the UK and Europe.

How long do dental implants take in Turkey?

Depending on the type of implants you need and the preparation needed, you’ll need to make two or three visits for your implants. Each of these may require a stay of several days or a week. Your dentist will explain more about your treatment plan according to your individual needs.

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